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Winton Homes & Cottages - Some Assembly Required

One of the most common misconceptions about Winton Homes is that we are a modular home company. Winton Homes are panelized homes and not completely manufactured homes. Winton homes & cottages are built in components consisting of floors, walls & trusses that are manufactured with total precision with state-of-the-art technology. 

All the prebuilt components, along with windows, doors & exterior finishing materials, are delivered just in time, to maximize build efficiency. Much like conventional home construction, the components are constructed on site. 

How Much Is A Prefab Home?

This is not always an easy question to answer as there are many factors that impact construction costs. The cost to build and finish a move-in ready home is dependent on how you’re building and where you are building.  Will you be building yourself, acting as your own General Contractor and hiring out sub-trades or hiring a GC to manage the entire project?  Are you building within city limits or rural, remote or semi-remote? 

New name for the Homeowner Protection Office

The Homeowner Protection Office has changed their name to Licensing and Consumer Services!

Via BC Housing

We’ve changed our name to Licensing and Consumer Services

Since joining BC Housing in April 2010, we maintained a separate identity to ensure a smooth transition. But we’ve fully integrated into BC Housing and retired the HPO name and logo. It’s a new name but our services are the same.


It's Building Season! Projects Going Up Everywhere!!!

With the warm weather, our home packages are being erected faster than usual for this time of year!

From Yellowknife to Vancouver Island to Saskatchewan and everywhere in between, Winton Homes are being built!

Are you ready to build yours?

Building An Energy Efficient Home

A few years ago, Winton engaged in extensive research to develop a super insulated wall. A double wall system was developed, reviewed and sealed through an engineering firm. 

The Winton Energy Wall is a double wall system that yields a total insulation value of R-34 versus R-22 for a conventional wall assembly. 

Benefits of the Winton Energy Wall:

- 35% less heat loss than conventional wall
- Cost effective option for increased R-value
- Comfortable

Need a Multi-Family Building? We can do that too!

More than just homes & cottages!

Over the years, we have designed and supplied several multifamily homes. Some of them were our stock models, some of them were custom designs and some of them were based off of other Winton plans. 

What can we learn from tiny homes?

We’ve been conditioned to believe that bigger is better. But is it? Lately we’ve heard so much about these small houses or tiny homes. Some of these homes can be as small as 80 square feet and still contain everything a person would need to live happily. Although this may seem like a great solution for the expenses involved in building your own home, there are several barriers that you would need to overcome. Your local municipality may have a minimum habitable structure requirement.  You may have a family, and three or four people may find it difficult to share a 300 square foot space.

New Homes for Fort Nelson First Nation

Winton Homes has had the pleasure of working with Fort Nelson First Nation again to build seen new homes!

Over the past 30 years, Winton Homes has been working with Fort Nelson First Nation to create a strong, healthy community. In this time, Winton has contributed many of the residential homes; homes built to last. Winton was happy to provide the highest quality materials and exceptional customer service that we provide with every home and cottage we make. 


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