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Thinking of adding Timber Accents?

Whether you are looking to enhance the curb appeal or enrich the interior of your home, timber accents may be just what you are looking for.

You can use timber to make bold statements across a room or entry way. Or you can use timber to add a natural decoration to complement a structural truss. Timber accents bring a warmth to a home that is hard to ignore. 

Give us a call and discuss how we can use beautiful timber accents to fulfill your personal design goals. 

With you every step of the way

One of our most popular cottages, the Hudson, became a lovely lake house in Pigeon Lake AB. With each package we sell, we strive to accommodate our customer’s needs. Winton has dedicated project managers that are there to assist in any way and has an answer for any question.

With this project, we were able to deliver parts that were delayed by our supplier on time with a special weekend delivery. We were with this customer when dealing with the local building authority. Winton project coordinators are always just a phone call away.

Design Working on New Pinnacle in Revit

Our design team is hard at work on the new Pinnacle that will be going up on Mayne Island, BC.

Here you can see our architectural designer using Revit- our building design and construction software, to preform a complete structural review in 3D.  The Revit software was built for Building Information Modeling (BIM), an intelligent model-based process that provides insight when planning, designing, constructing, and managing buildings and infrastructure. 

Find out more about the Pinnacle here


Quality Circle Status


Winton once again achieves quality circle status from the Western Wood Truss Association, in recognition of Exeptional Quality Performance in Truss Manufacutring.  

Winton has achieved 97% average over 4 inspections. 


Kevin Gunderson- the Site Superintendent of Winton Homes Ltd, is pictured with Eric Popma- Executive Officer of the Western Wood Truss Association, in Vancouver on March 1st, 2015. 



Production Equipment Upgrades


Winton Homes Ltd. announces the installation of new production equipment in its local truss production facility.  The equipment includes a side eject system, a new exit transfer system and additional laser imaging heads.

Where does your inspiration come from?

One of the key features to a welcoming experience is the relationship between the local environment and a house. Rather than sticking out or not being noticed at all, you want your home and the landscape to complement each other.

Have you ever thought of letting your surroundings determine the look of your home?


Most popular plan on our website?

Everyone has a different idea for their perfect dream home. With over a hundred floor plans, the designs on our website are usually just a starting point. Each plan is fully customizable to best suite your needs.

So which is the most popular plan? Where do most dream homes start? It’s our Athabasca. It’s no surprise because this three bedroom two bathroom package has a great open floor plan in 1,628 square feet. This home is available in several exterior styles.

Building in a tight space? We can help!

A customized Sylvan Lake package is now a cottage on Paul Lake, BC. Built between two existing homes, on a rock wall, this cottage fits perfectly. Right along the road with only a drive way as working space, a Winton prefab build was ideal.

From foundation to lockup, prefab is faster than a traditional stick build. The builders were out of the way sooner, with less wasted material. With the cathedral ceiling and the large windows, this home shows off the view perfectly.


How far do you ship? A question we are often asked. Well how about this …..

One of our most challenging and exciting cottage package was a Fraser model we sent all the way  to Cambridge Bay Nunavut.  That’s right, we shipped it all the way to the edge of the Arctic Ocean

How did it get there?  Good Question!!

In a location with only one barge in per year, timing was everything with this project. Sailing a home on the deck of a ship isn’t easy but we made it happen. After three months on barge to get around Alaska, the package still had more to travel.

Winton Engineered Wood - Upscale Executive Condominium Project

Striking quality-built four story condo project is near completion in Prince George BC. Winton EWP integrated structural building components are at its core.  Using Winton precision manufactured walls, owner and general contractor Joe Myatovic of Myatovic Construction is very proud of this 20 unit residential achievement. "This is the first project using Winton wall panels and I was pleasantly surprised by how everything fit together perfectly and the speed of the entire build. I will definitely use Winton again." 


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