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Delivery & Construction


This is the big day. Our truck delivers your home and construction begins. Your Project Coordinator is still available  to provide answers to all those little details.


Once everything is unloaded on your building site you and your contractor get ready to start building.

This is when you begin to see the REAL advantages in a Factory Framed home.  

  • Every wall is perfectly constructed with Premium Quality lumber.
  • Your home goes up faster than imaginable.  
  • Saving you labour costs, and virtually eliminating waste.

Your project coordinator is with you every step of the way to help translate building authority requests and solve any unexpected problems that pop up.

And let’s be honest, construction is a complex process, and every now and again something goes wrong – the great thing about dealing with Winton is that when it comes to the design or materials supplied - we fix it IMMEDIATELY.  No questions – it’s part of our guarantee.