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Stephen and Debbie Hanus

"It's been about two years since we started the design phase of the Lake Louise Cabin, and we're pretty much complete now! When we first started, there were no plans like this one, but you were able to draw up a new design that is now available on your website - pretty cool! We just have a few finishing touches left - we are installing the wood burning stove this weekend, delivering the furnitre the weekend after, and then kicking back every weekend therafter! Attached are a couple of photos - I'll send another email with a few more.
We have to say that it was an absolute pleasure working with you on this project and we definitely appreciate the great customer service both of you provided throughout the project. Your knowledge and support from start to finish was top shelf, and really made the experience for us newby cabin builders very positive. We would be happy to provide a reference for either of you to potential clients, your bosses or even the website. To this point, we've definitely told many of our friends and neighbours what Winton Global is all about, so hopefully this translates into some sales. I see that a few more Winton Global cabins are popping up around Nordegg, which is great! Thanks again."
- Stephen and Debbie Hanus, Nordegg, AB