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Advantages of a Packaged Prefabricated Home

"We Love the design and Sean & I both were so glad we went with a package. We were amazed at how it all just went together." - Edith, Sean, Britt & Steph Palumbo, Cluculz Lake, BC

Working with Winton gives you access to our in-house experts who will guide you through the complex process of planning, designing, purchase and building preparation.

Enjoy the look, style and quality of a custom designed home, while enjoying the benefits of faster construction with superior quality materials and more cost and time control than with traditional methods. 

Discover the advantage, view our designs and make one your own.

Owner Builder Course

Thinking of building your own home? Concerned about passing the Owner Builder exam that is now mandated by government for Owner Builders? Winton Homes has the solution for you!

Winton Homes has partnered with Owner Builder Training Ltd. to offer an online comprehensive educational session that covers everything you need to know about building your own home as an owner builder and assisting you in passing the mandatory Owner Builder Exam.   

Quality Prefabricated Homes

Superior quality is a major advantage of a Winton packaged home:

  • Climate controlled 49,000-square-foot facility.
  • Protects all materials from destructive weather effects.
  • State-of-the-art laser technology for precision assembly.
  • Premium quality, export grade lumber used in every home.
  • Award winning trusses (recipients of the Winners Quality Circle Award from the Western Wood Truss Association for 26 consecutive years).
Custom Designed Prefabricated Homes

Over the past 30 years, the designers at Winton Homes have created thousands of prefabricated home plans to satisfy the unique needs of our customers.

  • Complete custom design.
  • Move a door, add a window.
  • Customize your kitchen and living space.
  • YOU decide what you want.

Bring your vision to our design team and we'll help you create the perfect plan from the ground up.

Prefabricated Homes for Faster Build Times

A Winton Packaged Home goes up faster than traditional construction.

  • Walls and roofs are pre-built.
  • Precision engineered with laser technology.
  • Designed for rapid assembly on a building site.
  • Trucks are loaded in the reverse order of assembly.
  • This is the building system everyone will use in the future.

Ultimately, prefabricated homes are not only better built, they save money and create less waste!  Giving you a Greener build!

Control Costs with Prefabricated Homes

You’ve likely heard a few nightmare stories about new homes coming in way over budget. Winton Homes provide more certainty over the final cost and more control over how it’s built.  How?

  • We build hundreds of homes a year.  
  • When you sign a contract with us - the price doesn't change - ever!
  • We ensure you are completely happy with your design - no changes on site, therefore no cost overruns.
  • Less waste and volume purchasing of materials means a lower end price.