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Building Homes & Rehoming Kittens: Winton Homes Does It All

There have always been stray cats roaming around the yard at Winton, but we have a special story about a few of them. 

Weeks ago, one of the cats gave birth to a litter of kittens in the Winton shipping yard. Being the busy season, there are lots of different orders being processed and wood moving around. Unfortunately the mom was keeping her kittens in one of the lumber packages, so the family had to be moved. We were able to move a few of the kittens to a safe location but before we could get them all, she hid some of them. With the yard at full capacity and packages being shipped out daily, the kittens were lost. She searched high and low, so did our staff. The days went by and the kittens were nowhere to be found. Then Winton Homes received a call from one of our Merritt customers, stating that they found three playful kittens safely tucked into one of their wall packages.

Because our wall packages are bundled securely and the packages are carefully loaded on to the truck for delivery, the kittens survived the 600km trip from our Prince George, BC facility to Nicola Lake, BC.

All kittens have found loving homes and will always been remembered by Winton.