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How Long Does It Take To Build a Prefab Home?

One of our most asked questions has many answers. 

Build time depends on the experience and size of the crew you have putting it up. Generally it goes up much quicker than a standard stick framed home. To see a prefabricated home and an identical stick framed home built side by side click HERE

With Winton Homes & Cottages, your home is going to be built faster with high quality material and precision manufacturing. Click HERE to see a 2000 square foot home go up in two weeks. 

It is incredible how fast a home can be built when you use prefab. Below you will see a customized version of the Cabot. From treated sills to standing walls in less than 5 hours! Then the building is in a lockup stage not long after. This is just one of the many reasons why people are choosing Winton’s prefabricated homes over stick build. 


How Long Does It Take To Build a Prefab Home? | Winton Homes


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