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Need a Multi-Family Building? We can do that too!

More than just homes & cottages!

Over the years, we have designed and supplied several multifamily homes. Some of them were our stock models, some of them were custom designs and some of them were based off of other Winton plans. 

If you like the look of our Athabasca but would like it to be bigger with a multi-resident option, we've done that! Below you will see the plans for the 5898 square foot Seniors Complex. With six apartments each around 700 square feet, this design gives its residents both the privacy and community they require. 

See More Winton Multifamily Homes Below!

Duplex:     •Cedars      ​•Omenica

Triplex:     •Clearwater

Multiplex:     •Cassiar - Elders     •Cassiar - Singles      ​•Williston