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A Paradigm Shift in New Home Construction

“Prefabricated” or “Factory Framed” homes have come a long way from the days of a Sears mail order home or a time when the word “prefabricated” may have elicited thoughts of an inferior structure. Gone is the misconception that prefabricated homes are cheaply made with limited design flexibility and finish options. Today’s prefabricated home is fully customizable with a vast array of finish options to make your home just that, your home. Once constructed, a prefabricated home will perform equal to, and in many cases better, than any high-end conventionally site framed home.

Long been the standard in Europe, framing a home in a factory controlled environment is quickly becoming a preferred method of home construction in North America. Popular with home owner builders we are now seeing developers, architects and designers embracing this efficient and cost effective construction method.                                    

Why choose a Winton factory framed home package? Simply put, your build deserves the best!

• Winton’s factory framed components have proven to be 40% faster than conventional stick framing. Saving time = saving money

 Winton Homes are built in a controlled factory environment using the highest quality materials, the latest equipment, precise manufacturing techniques, and stringent quality control measures. All these add up to a home built to the highest quality standard that fits together seamlessly once it arrives to your job site.

 Have your own design or found one online? Winton can prefabricate ANY design. Winton offers unlimited design options to meet the needs of every customer.

Winton Homes and Cottages have been producing high quality prefabricated home packages for over 30 years! Contact Us Today!

A Paradigm Shift in New Home Construction | Winton Homes


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