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Shingles vs. Metal Roofing

We are often asked by customers whether it is better to have a shingled roof or a metal roof on their house? 

Winton supplies both a shingled roof option and two metal roof options. The shingled roofs, an architectural shingle, uses metal valleys, continuous ridge ventilation and eave guard applied along heated eaves. The metal roofs have two specific profiles: exposed fasteners and hidden fasteners. Roof metal comes withcolor matched metal for all accessories, continuous ridge ventilation and a heat resistant eave membrane applied along heated eaves.

A shingled roof is a more conventional application for customers. It is generally less expensive and what you’d anticipate seeing as you drive through most residential neighborhoods. Shingles can usually be used for roofs between 4/12 to 12/12 pitch. They are not normally recommended above or below this range. In most cases, shingles do not meet requirements for rural fire resistance of roofs without the selection of very specific products and applications.

A metal roof is more typically used in modern contemporary designs, e.g. monopitch roofs, or with cabin applications and typicall more expensive than the equivalent shingle application. Metal can be used from 2/12 pitch and above. A metal roof has a much higher fire resistance than the equivalent shingled roof.

In the lifetime of a house, it would be typical to re-shingle at least once. The equivalent does not generally happen with a metal roof in the lifetime of a building.

There are pros and cons to both. Shingles are the more typical roof finish for customers in general. However, we are happy to talk with you and offer our advice on your specific project to match the look and performance that you’d like to see. Contact us today!