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Top 10 Benefits for Contractors and Developers

As a home building contractor, you're only as good as your reputation within the community you serve. 

Your customers aren't interested in hearing excuses why their home construction is delayed. All they want to know is when they can pack up their stuff and move into their brand-new house or cottage.

Winton Homes in Prince George, BC, teams up with contractors across Western Canada to expedite people's homebuilding plans with precision and proficiency.

We've been perfecting our line of prefabricated kit homes in BC, along with our prefab cottages, for Canada's Western provinces since 1972. 

Here are ten reasons why partnering up with Winton Homes & Cottages makes good business sense.

1. Save on Time – Whether you're short on qualified workers or the weather conditions aren't cooperating, having a partner who can deliver the framing and building components you need will cut down on your job site duration. 

Just think about what you could accomplish by shaving a month or two off your build time! Or, how nice it would be not having to worry about constructing the walls and roofing sections from scratch! Looking for extra help? Winton Homes can cover up to 80% of the work and get you to the lockup stage in no time.

2. Small Crews – Winton Homes has streamlined the prefabricated process down to the basics. Our products are designed for easy assembly. From the way we strategically pack our one-load trailers (in reverse building order) to our dedicated project managers (who can answer all your on-site questions), Winton Homes' products and services maximize efficiency and productivity. Pre-built components demand fewer bodies for on-site completion. With a bit of pre-planning, you'll always be ahead of the game. 

3. Improved Job Site Safety – Who doesn't want to reduce their workplace liabilities? The less time spent on a construction site, the fewer risks you face. Less intensive work and smaller crews minimize the chances of incurring injuries. 

4. Custom Orders – When we say Winton Homes offers customized options, we're not just talking floor plans! Winton Homes provides clients with a variety of home packages (complete with exterior finishes), as well as stripped-down framing packages.

Did you know that we also work with contractors to fulfil custom requests? Many companies will call on us for our award-winning trusses* for use in apartments or larger commercial projects.

5. Quality Workmanship – Rather than battling the outdoor conditions, we complete our work inside a 49,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled facility in Prince George, BC. Every cut is perfectly executed using state-of-the-art laser technology. Why subject your materials to the harsh weather conditions any longer than necessary? We build hundreds of framing packages a year and know exactly what contractors need.

6. Premium Products – Not only do you get a reliable building partner, but you're assured of premium quality lumber and plywood sheathing (not strand board). Did we already mention our engineered, award-winning* floor and roof trusses? Because we're a part of Sinclar Group Forest Products Ltd., we have our own mills and can guarantee the quality of every piece of wood we deliver.

7. Less Material Expense – According to comparison research from the Structural Building Components Association (SBCA)**, traditional stick-built homes will cost you 25% more in wood materials alone.

8. Predictable Costs – Tired of cost overruns? We can't blame you for that. People appreciate working with us because you're guaranteed a price that won't go up. Your budgeting just got a lot easier by teaming with Winton Homes. 

9. Less Mess - With almost 40 years spent designing prefab houses in Canada, we feel we've nailed down the process. Because we're so efficient, you don't have to worry about ending up with extra materials you can't use. That same SBCA article** (referenced earlier) found that stick framing construction "generates 30 times more jobsite waste than framing a house with structural components." Cutting down on waste also lessens your labour and waste transfer fees.

When it comes to home building, everything from our computerized building practices to the products we supply (like our energy-efficient Low E & Argon glass windows) is part of a larger green initiative.

10. Stay Ahead of the Curve – Prefabricated homes are the building model for the future. Isn't it time to find a collaborative homebuilding partner today who brings decades of expertise to the table?

By working with Winton Homes, you can provide your customers with additional options for increased speed and affordability. Don't miss out on the opportunity to expand your business to even more prospective home and cottage buyers. 

Are you looking for a beautifully designed cabin or construction support for a new commercial project? Our in-house architectural design team is ready to work with you. When you think Canada prefab, think Winton Homes!

*Winners Quality Circle Award from the Western Wood Truss Association of BC.


Top 10 Benefits for Contractors and Developers | Winton Homes


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