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Value Engineering

Value engineering is defined as performance divided by cost. If you maximize performance, or reduce cost, it increases value! This is the most important step in the planning of your new home.

Value engineering starts when the design is being developed. The size, shape, and orientation of your home will all have an impact on your overall cost. Taking the time to explore these considerations during the planning stages will mitigate cost cutting decisions later in the game that may jeopardize the very features that made your new home uniquely yours.

The key is deciding early on what features matter most to you & your family. Establish a “need to have” and “nice to have” list. Is energy efficiency more important than high-end finishes? Does the basement need to be finished or can I redirect that cost to my outdoor living area?

Establishing and adhering to your budget from the beginning stages will help guide your build and is a critical step to avoiding costly changes once construction has started. Fewer decisions will need to be made and will ultimately equate to less things going wrong during the process.

Winton Homes and Cottages has over 30 years of experience in assisting our customers build their dream homes on time and on budget!

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Value Engineering | Winton Homes


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