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Why Buy Used When You Can Build New

Why would you want to build a home right now? It’s true, choosing to buy a used home may seem more economical at the time, but there’s a lot of buyers out there right now driving market value higher than ever. Even with the tougher mortgage stress test coming into play June 1, 2021, it’s predicted that it won’t cool runaway home prices.

What about energy bills or renovations? Older homes are built to an older standard, therefore, they don’t offer the energy savings a new home can and when you do renovate there’s the BC Energy Step Code to consider. Renovating sounds fun, but it can be full of surprises and unexpected costs, just watch any home renovation show.

Or maybe you’ve decided to wait the market out? We get it, prices are unpredictable right now, but Imagine all the other people waiting the market out. This could, once again, flood the market causing spikes in the supply chain and inflate wait times on your custom home.

So Why Not Start New!

Our Top Five Reasons to Build New

design iconCustomization

Winton’s design team specializes in helping customers realize their vision. You choose your ideal location, customize your home to suit your lifestyle and design to your tastes. No compromises! You get to realize your vision from cabinets, paint colors, landscaping, all the way to what style of door-knobs you like best.

energy efficiency iconEnergy Efficiency

New homes are built to meet current building codes, they are more energy efficient and often incorporate up-to-date technology features like USB-enabled outlets and mobile-controlled HVAC and lighting. This all leads to lower energy bills!

repairs iconBig Ticket Repairs

With a new home, you know just what you’re getting and at Winton we start with premium quality lumber in a climate-controlled environment protected from mother nature. You won’t have to worry about big repairs or heavy maintenance issues right away and your dedicated project manager from Winton can help you navigate warranties if anything should go wrong.

competition iconCompetition

With competition for building and buying homes at an all-time high, now’s the perfect time to purchase your parcel of land for your dream home before it’s gone. With that also comes the opportunity, if you already own a home, to take advantage of the sellers-market and get the capital you need to build that dream home you’ve always wanted. With Winton’s prefab process and design team we not only offer savings, we can get you to lock-up faster so you don’t have to put your life on hold longer than you want to.

hand under house iconSupply Chain Savings

Harness the buying power of Winton Homes. We’re a preferred customer with multiple vendors and order in bulk which makes it possible to pass the savings onto you, even in this crazy market.

It’s hard to predict the future on material costs, as well as the housing market and it can never feel like the right time. What we can say is, building homes is our business, we’ve been doing it for over 30 years! We have the expertise to support you, on what can sometimes be a complicated and frustrating process.

We do everything we can to make sure you’ll feel right at home with us, and your decision to build new.

The best advice we can give is to start early! If you’re looking to build in 2022 get in touch with us now.

Looking for inspiration? Check out some pre-designed plans that you can use as is or customize with our design team.


Why Buy Used When You Can Build New | Winton Homes


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