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Cottage Prices

Control Costs with Prefabricated Homes

"We are both extremely happy with our package!!" - Debbie Green, Water Valley, AB

You’ve likely heard a few nightmare stories about new homes coming in way over budget. Winton Homes provide more certainty over the final cost and more control over how it’s built.  How?

  • We build hundreds of homes a year.  
  • When you sign a contract with us - the price doesn't change - ever!
  • We ensure you are completely happy with your design - no changes on site, therefore no cost overruns.
  • Less waste and volume purchasing of materials means a lower end price.

Factory framed homes are the smarter way to build.

All of our homes have a fixed price before you even start to build, so there are no surprises. This gives you the confidence to budget the interior finishing portion of your home with a high degree of assurance. A packaged home is less expensive because we have the luxury of building in a controlled environment where materials can’t be ruined by bad weather, and our precision machinery creates less waste overall. Plus, because we build hundreds of homes every year we get very favourable pricing from our suppliers and pass that on to you.

Some customers save even more money by doing parts of the construction themselves. However you choose to build your home, Winton will always be a financially intelligent choice because you know what you’re spending from the get-go.


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