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Customer Testimonials

"We Love the design and Sean & I both were so glad we went with a package. We were amazed at how it all just went together." - Edith, Sean, Britt & Steph Palumbo, Cluculz Lake, BC

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"Winton (Homes & Cottages) made the endeavor of building my own home a straight forward and efficient process. They were great to deal with and helpful every step of the way. There were many house plans to choose from and they were able to modify them to suite my style. The products they used were top notch, no OSB board which I was happy about. The assembly of the house was quicker than conventional style and turned out perfect. I would recommend this company to anyone considering building a house. Thanks again."
- Harris Idiens, Courtney, BC

"We are both extremely happy with our package!! Neighbors and friends can’t believe that we have real wood exterior walls and subfloors and are very impressed with just the overall quality of the materials that were supplied. (I love all my windows)."
- Debbie Green, WaterValley, Alberta

"We are writing again to thank you for the exemplary service we received from Winton Homes and Cottages. We could not have built our cabin without your help and we really appreciate your prompt and helpful replies we have always received from you. Thanks."
- Gerry Doering, Kimberly, BC

"We want to thank you for building our cottage.. The entire process from design to construction went as well as we had hoped. Any project usually has a few hiccups along the way and this was no exception. Cam took care of everything. The cottage looks fantastic."
- Tom and Nancy, Bergen, AB

"Carol and myself would like to let you know how pleased we are with the workmanship of our new home and how happy we are with the job that Eldon and his boys did on the construction of it. If Winton (Homes & Cottages) or Eldon Elmgren ever need a reference we would be more than happy to give it. Thanks."
- Dwight and Carol Lemon, Reid Lake, SK

"My husband Glenn and I would like to thank you for the support your company gave us while we built our "Cook Cabin". The first contact with your company was with Tammy Lukoni, she was not only easy to talk to with low pressure sales but, above all, she has a great knowledge base and was able to answer all my questions when asked. Once we had moved on to the next stage of building Tammy made the transition very easy, she introduced us over the phone to Tyler Hunter "Project Coordinator". Tyler was able to explain all of the procedures of the cabin build, delivery process and answered all questions we could come up with. He helped us make a small addition to the cabin with no engineering issues, and any problem that came up was addressed promptly and with no additional cost to us.

The contractor we hired for our cabin project has been building for 30 years, he was very impressed with the ease of the way the building went together, the quality of the product, the detailed, clear and simple instructions in the information guild. After completion of the project he said, " I am going to put an application in with this company so I can build for them as well".

While the cabin was going up we have had many Island neighbors come by to say how fast things had moved along. There was lots of interest from many of the people passing by, and I think you will be getting two more projects from our subdivision on the island. One couple would like a cabin and one couple are looking for a garage or shed. I have included a CD with this letter showing the cabin build in process, the areas of the cabin that do not have any Hardie board on will be where I will put shingles on in the summer, also, the cabin has inside walls, insulation, and the wood burning stove has been installed. I am sure we will have many years of happy times and great memories in our new cabin.

Thank you so much for making this a very enjoyable experience."
- Denise Stone and Glenn Leonhard

"Our home is in complete lock up with the siding and decks nearing completion. We have the plumbing, electrical and heating completed as well. The insulation and drywall will be getting started towards the end of next week on the main floor. I am starting on the insulating of the basement tonight.

I have had a ton of people asking about the home package. Even our contractor said if he decides to build himself another house, he’d look at buying a pre-fab package. He’s very impressed with the materials included and the thought that went into the planning. I’ve given the website and phone number to at least a dozen people. I can honestly say I don’t have 1 negative comment regarding Winton. You guys have been the easiest part of this build. Thanks again."
- Tim Dubreuil, Flin Flon, MB

"It's been about two years since we started the design phase of the Lake Louise Cabin, and we're pretty much complete now! When we first started, there were no plans like this one, but you were able to draw up a new design that is now available on your website - pretty cool! We just have a few finishing touches left - we are installing the wood burning stove this weekend, delivering the furnitre the weekend after, and then kicking back every weekend therafter! Attached are a couple of photos - I'll send another email with a few more.
We have to say that it was an absolute pleasure working with you on this project and we definitely appreciate the great customer service both of you provided throughout the project. Your knowledge and support from start to finish was top shelf, and really made the experience for us newby cabin builders very positive. We would be happy to provide a reference for either of you to potential clients, your bosses or even the website. To this point, we've definitely told many of our friends and neighbours what Winton Global is all about, so hopefully this translates into some sales. I see that a few more Winton Global cabins are popping up around Nordegg, which is great! Thanks again."
- Stephen and Debbie Hanus, Nordegg, AB

"Your knowledge and support from start to finish was top shelf, and really made the experience for us newby cabin builders very positive."
- Stephen and Debbie Hanus, Nordegg, AB

"It is still pretty busy around here, but we just got occupancy so I thought I'd better send on a few words.

First I'd like to thank you all for your hard work and understanding, patience and attention to detail.  Jim, I hadn't seen you in a while, you were over here within the hour when I needed you.  I want you to know that it means a lot when I already know that you've got me covered when I need it most.  I'm glad I didn't have to bug you much, but it was great knowing that you were there.  I look forward to having a coffee, beer or glass of wine in the spring.

Mike, as on site coordinator from Prince George, it felt like you were a lot closer.  I did have to bug you a couple times, but you didn't make me feel like I was bugging you.  Quick and efficient and most importantly you were very effective, just what you need in an on site coordinator, again thank you for your work.

Larry, we got to have a few chats along the way and I want to thank you for never rushing me, taking the time to talk to me and giving me some of your advice.  It is a pretty major step in your life, building a house, and you were able to give me some idea of the scope of the project without making it sound like it was too much, even for someone like me who has never taken anything on like this before.

So, now about the house. I don't like to bra...actually scratch that, I will brag.  It is awesome.  The package was great, it went up well and we had very little problems all the way through.  I'm not a contractor, but I acted as general on this and it was pretty daunting at times.  Living in Quebec, travelling back and forth and trying to do it on time and in our (really small) budget was hard, especially with a 4 year old and newborn at the same time.  We bought a high end heat pump, and helped by a simple HRV system the house is warm and with low humidity all the time.  We went with a double stud wall and it performs like you wouldn't believe (or maybe you would as it is your wall system).  We have a fireplace in the middle of the house, an RSF Opel 3, it is awesome (though it is harder to get things done now that the couch is in front of it haha).

-funny story: the manager at Rona is interested in putting the same fireplace in his house and was asking me about the burn time.  I had to answer that I didn't know as with the efficiency of the house, even at -5 I never throw more than a few pieces of wood on, and I let it go out at 9pm so that we don't cook everyone out of the house.

The truss floor system is the best invention since fire I think, I was able to pack in all of the ducting for the forced air system, the return air duct, the HRV ducting, the plumbing, all of the vents for 4 bathrooms, a range and also the RSF furnace supply air.  Not only that but it made wiring and plumbing the house a dream to work in.  I can't say enough about it.

I have lots of photos, I made sure and took them all the way through.  I can send them on to you once I get some good completed photos if you like.  I also don't mind doing a write up as I have no trouble endorsing your product or your people.  If you want to stop by, you are all welcome anytime.  Thanks again for everything that you do.

Oh, I can't forget Mary-ann (I'm not sure of the spelling as we only spoke on the phone).  I phoned quite a few times and she was always very pleasant to talk to and always knew who could help me the best.  Please pass this on to her as well.  Also of course a big thanks to the drivers who were on time and helpful, the guys building the components who did an excellent job and everyone else that made this possible.

Ok, this ended up being a bit longer than I had thought, but hopefully the busy time of year isn't here yet and you have a chance to read it.  Don't hesitate to phone or email if you have any questions, comments or requests.  Thanks again and have a very good year."
- Wilf Geier


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