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Energy Efficient Prefabricated Homes

"We want to thank you for building our cottage.. The entire process from design to construction went as well as we had hoped." - Tom and Nancy, Bergen, AB

Energy efficiency is important to everyone at all levels, federally, provincially and personally. We understand that you will want your new home as energy efficient as possible while still maintaining affordability. When building your Winton home or cottage, you will have access to Winton Home's certified energy advisors who can help you with an energy assessment, should you choose to do so.

Consult with our two in-house Certified Energy Advisers to develop a cost effective solution to your specific regional climate.

This assessment is done at the design stage of your building process and will allow you to choose those energy efficient options that best fit your home and budget.

When you complete this process, in most cases Winton Homes can help you facilitate assigning an Energuide for New Houses number that will reflect your choices and energy efficiency of your new home. In some municipalities, this is already being mandated.

Energy Efficient Options We Provide:

  • Winton Homes Energy Wall - A thicker wall that allows for more insulation.
  • Energy Heel Trusses - Higher heel that allows for more insulation in the roof.
  • Triple Glazed Windows - Three panes of glass cut down on heat glare in the summer and drafts in the winter.
  • Strategic Design - The home and window positions are designed to maximize areas of sun and shade.

Outside Supplier Energy Efficient Options:

  • Heat Recovery Ventilators - An energy efficient air exchange system.
  • Air Source Heat Pumps - Provides cooling in the summer and provides added heat in the winter using condensers.
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps - A geothermal system that draws heat and cooling from below ground and converts it to usable heat and cooling instead of using a natural gas or wood furnace.
  • On-Demand Water Systems - A hot water system that heats the water on demand, rather than storing hot water in a tank.
  • Solar Power and Water Heating Systems - A heat and power system that uses panels to convert solar energy to useable electricity and heat.
  • Water Collection and Recycle Systems - Systems that collects rain water and other precipitation for outdoor and indoor household use.