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Exceptional Customer Service Team

"Quick and efficient and most importantly you were very effective, just what you need in an on-site coordinator, again thank you for your work." - Wilf Geier, Terrace, BC

We understand that this is one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make.

We also appreciate that construction is a complicated and often frustrating experience involving things beyond your control.  

Translation - stressful.  We get it and we have the right people to help you through the process. 

Just remember, we do this about 200 times a year!

We only employ professionals who are down-to-Earth people that can listen to your needs and then give you the straight talk without a bunch of jargon. When you choose Winton you’ve got our support from the planning stage right up until you move into your new home.

Our customer service is the best in the business because we know that satisfied customers are our biggest source of new business. 

From the planning stages of your prefabricated home, Winton is committed to best customer service in the business. Find out more about our values.

At the end of the process "You'll feel right at home." with Winton.