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Prefabricated Homes for Faster Build Times

"Carol and myself would like to let you know how pleased we are with the workmanship of our new home and how happy we are with the job." - Dwight and Carol Lemon, Reid Lake, SK

A Winton Packaged Home goes up faster than traditional construction.

  • Walls and roofs are pre-built.
  • Precision engineered with laser technology.
  • Designed for rapid assembly on a building site.
  • Trucks are loaded in the reverse order of assembly.
  • This is the building system everyone will use in the future.

Ultimately, prefabricated homes are not only better built, they save money and create less waste!  Giving you a Greener build!

Winton homes are framed in our factory using sophisticated laser technology; therefore the components are precisely built. When it gets to your building site it fits together perfectly. Factory-framed homes by definition are erected faster because 80% of the building is done in the climate-controlled environment of our production facility. 

Saving time on construction not only saves money, it also reduces the inevitable stress involved in home building. And it’s always good to know that with Winton, you can rest assured that faster never comes at the cost of quality.

Factory Framed vs Stick Framed?

Don’t take our word for it!

The Structural Building Association conducted research with the National Association of Home Builders. Two 2,600-square-foot homes were built simultaneously. One was built using wood component systems framing, and the other fully engineered conventional stick framing.  Here are the results –

Factory Framed was 16% lower in labour and material cost!

  • 74% lower in framing labour costs!
  • 26% less lumber used in frame up!
  • 75% less waste generated!

Watch 2 identical homes built side by side – one factory framed the other stick built.  See the results for yourself.

Winton offers prefabricated homes constructed in a fraction of the time, with our rapid assembly process.

Watch a 2000 square foot home be built to lockup in 15 days!

Prefab Homes are Constructed Faster | Winton Homes


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