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Lake Louise in the Blaeberry Valley - Rocky Mountains, BC

Quality Prefabricated Homes

"Quick and efficient and most importantly you were very effective, just what you need in an on-site coordinator, again thank you for your work." - Wilf Geier, Terrace, BC

We start with premium quality lumber sourced exclusively from our own mills.  

  • Premium quality lumber
  • Plywood sheathing (not strand board)
  • Architectural design department in house
  • Blueprint approvals
  • Engineered trusses and floor systems
  • Climate controlled manufacturing
  • Personalized single point contact 
  • Dedicated project managers

As part of Sinclar Group Forest Products we can guarantee the quality of each and every piece of lumber that goes into your home. Employing state-of-the-art laser technology and a climate-controlled 49,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, we produce a superior home to on-site construction methods.

Simply building a home in a closed, computer-controlled environment ensures your home will have a level of precision and care that is difficult to duplicate by building on site.

Forty years of happy customers comes from superior quality and customer service second to none.

Winton Quality Standards for Prefab Homes | Winton Homes


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