• 1
  • 1
Combined Liveable (sq. ft.)
  • 720
Deck/Patio (sq. ft.)
  • 144
Depth (ft.)
  • 40
Height (ft.)
  • 16'-5"
Main (sq. ft.)
  • 720
  • 1
  • Traditional
Width (ft.)
  • 24
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of the Traditional Collection

One of the most common styles for its timeless appeal include gabled rooflines, porches, and symmetrically spaced windows. The interiors feature clearly defined kitchen, dining, and living spaces.

From carriage homes with garages and self-contained dwelling designs, Winton has a variety of cottage chic and traditional styled secondary dwellings sure to make a handsome addition to your existing property.

Usually smaller floor plans that are fit for a vacation home, primary residence, or building for rental income. Varying in style from a-frames with lofts to one floor rancher style floor plans.

A signature characteristic of this style features sharper angles and simple clean lines with open floor plans. Sloped flat rooflines with a shallow pitch and large windows, floor to ceiling windows, clerestory windows or a combination are common features.

Elegantly balanced, symmetrical designs that typically include Winton's signature prow and a large, vaulted wall of windows. A warm and relaxing open concept atmosphere where every angle of the view can be enjoyed.

Versatile and expansive square footage homes for larger properties. Add a basement, or walk-out for extended design features, bedrooms, bathrooms and living space or create your one floor dream home with Winton's Estate line.

Designed to have multiple units and come in a variety of plans, styles, and sizes. Ranging from duplex, triplex, and sixplex, our multi-family designs are perfect for rapid housing projects and developers looking to maximize the return on their build.

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Winton Homes & Cottages services the following provinces, states and territories: AB, BC, MB, SK, NT, YT

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