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WINTON PROLINE Floor-Truss webbed floor truss

"Even our contractor said if he decides to build himself another house, he’d look at buying a pre-fab package. He’s very impressed with the materials included and the thought that went into the planning." - Tim Dubreuil, Flin Flon, MB

Winton is your partner in building to a higher standard. As part of the professional team that evaluates for condensation in thick walls and selecting appropriate windows and doors, Winton can help you navigate each milestone.

It’s important to think of buildings and homes like a system, each piece of the puzzle contributes to the picture of the entire building. Even the form factor or shape and footprint of the building can contribute to improved performance and energy conservation.

A Precision Product You Can Count On

The WINTON PROLINE Floor-Truss provides architectural versatility with greater load-bearing spans than traditional floor framing. The strength of engineered floors allows for better room placement without having to use support posts or bearing walls in inconvenient places.
The valuable floor cavity space in the open web design allows for plumbing, electrical and ventilation systems. With preplanning, this can eliminate the need for unsightly bulkheads and costly drop ceilings to preserve your overall ceiling height.


Why Choose the WINTON PROLINE Floor-Truss

Open Web Design Makes Installation of Mechanical Services Easy

The open web design allows for the utilization of that valuable floor cavity space for plumbing, electrical and ventilation systems with preplanning. In comparison to regular floor systems, this can eliminate the need for drop ceilings or furring and is ideal for leaving a clear plane for finished rooms on a lower level. No need for cutting, drilling, or notching which saves you time and money.

Designed to Speed Up Onsite Installation

The WINTON PROLINE Floor-Truss is an engineered floor system with a wide nailing surface that speeds up the installation of the structural elements and floor sheathing. The wide flange width (3.5") ensures a large surface to apply the subfloor adhesive and contributes to a better sub-floor sheathing support, with no more nails missing their mark causing squeaky floors.
A wider surface area also creates a safer work environment while installing floor sheathing with 3.5" versus 1.5" to stand on.

Precision Engineering for Consistent Quality & Reliable Performance

A lightweight product designed and manufactured to precise engineering specifications custom-built for your project. Langer clear spans with higher load capacity allow for greater design flexibility and reduce the number of bearing walls.

Reduce Environmental Footprint & Save Money

The WINTON PROLINE Floor-Truss is a manufactured product that does not require modification onsite. The use of manufactured components generates less waste at the job site, reduces clean-up costs, improves onsite efficiency and safety. Expenses are accurately controlled because costs can be predetermined and onsite losses from short cutting, theft and damage are virtually eliminated. The allowable span to load ratio can reduce the need for support beams and the additional costs of back framing and furring.

Other Energy Efficient Options We Provide

  • Energy Heel Trusses - Higher heel that allows for more insulation in the roof.
  • Triple Glazed Windows - Three panes of glass cut down on heat glare in the summer and drafts in the winter.
  • Strategic Design - The home and window positions are designed to maximize areas of sun and shade.
The WINTON PROLINE Floor-Truss | Winton Homes


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