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Having Trouble Finding Construction Labour? Winton Homes is Your Solution

It’s not easy running a construction business these days, especially when you find yourself short on skilled workers at the job site.

Apprentice registrations are on the decline, and experienced workers are retiring. However, the demand for new home construction continues to rise.  

If you’ve traditionally worked on stick-built homes, it might be worth considering partnering with a company that can save you time and expense on your next project. 

Desperate contractors and anxious home buyers across Western Canada are discovering the advantages of prefab designs by Winton Homes, BC’s premier prefabricated homebuilder. 

Welcome to the New Normal

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Canada’s lack of skilled trades is going to improve anytime soon.

According to an article last year on the Journal of Commerce (JOC) website, skilled carpenters are one of several trades whose services will be in short supply in the coming years.

Separate 2021 labour market information reports and accompanying numbers for B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba indicate anticipated apprenticeship certifications for bricklayers, boilermakers and carpenters will fall well short of demand over the next decade in each of the provinces.” *

That’s bad news for homebuilders. Contractors may have to pay more to retain the services of their experienced tradespeople. A pay hike may also be necessary to entice new hires, even though they might not have the desired level of skill.

As a result, some companies will find themselves stretched thin and may even have to turn down larger jobs. 

Labour Shortages Are Tough on Construction Contractors

Finding the right players for your job site can be a major chore as it takes up a lot of administrative time.

Bringing in untested workers puts added strain on your site manager in trying to maintain your company’s high standards.

For contractors, this labour shortage can result in delays, higher costs, and potentially subpar work quality.

Workers with less job-site experience are a big liability, especially in an industry where best practices are so important for maintaining safety.

Whether it’s a custom cottage or a brand-new commercial development, are you willing to risk disappointing your clients by delaying their construction. 

We Build More Than Houses & Cottages

Contractors in a pinch can also turn to Winton Homes for our “framing packages” which negate the exterior finishes you may not require.

Our project managers can discuss your company’s commercial needs and offer time-saving suggestions. We’re capable of manufacturing the walls, roof, and floor trusses on different types of properties:

  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Townhomes
  • Restaurants
  • Community centres
  • Hospitals
  • And more!

Not only is Winton Homes available for work all year round, but we’ll arrange to have the necessary components transported wherever you need them in Western Canada.

Nobody appreciates your deadlines better than a fellow building contractor. Allow us to help. 

We're a Trusted Collaborator with Superior Products

Given Canada’s current housing market, collaborating with Winton Homes makes more economic sense than ever. Finding a team you can trust is vital to your ongoing success.

Winton Homes in Prince George (formerly Winton Global) has a rich legacy of supplying superior building products (with the company dating back 100 years). Constructing ready-to-assemble kit homes in BC has been the company’s primary focus since 1987.

Over the years, we’ve seen the popularity of our prefabricated homes skyrocket. Our build packages redefine the idea of what factory-built homes can be. Our new homes and cottages provide a higher resale value than the typical modular home and even many stick-built models.

We have the supplies, staff, and transportation resources to complete your next build with improved efficiency.

We’re an adaptable company with a solid reputation and a stellar track record. By teaming up with Winton Homes, you can proceed on projects with extra confidence knowing much of the labour is already complete.

Our in-house project management team is happy to work with seasoned contractors and new home buyers alike.

Whether you require high-level customization or just the framing components, booking our service is smart business.

Less on-site labour, supervision, and material waste. People can turn to Winton Homes for guaranteed results in a timely manner. 

Winton Homes is here to support our fellow homebuilders! Contact us today.



Having Trouble Finding Construction Labour? Winton Homes is Your Solution | Winton Homes


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