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Deciding Which House Design is Right For You

There are a lot of choices when deciding which home plan is right for you and your family and honestly, it can become overwhelming. Some things to consider are size, accessibility, how long you plan to live in your home, will your family be growing or downsizing in the near future, do you like to entertain.

When deciding on the size of your home you will want to consider how many rooms you require now and if you will be needing more for guests, in-laws or future children. How many bathrooms do you require? Do you need an ensuite or is a main bath sufficient along with a powder room for guests?

Once you know the size of home you will need to decide on the type of home.

Some things to consider are:

  • Accessibility for members of your family who may be in a wheel chair or just require easier access with less stairs.
  • A more separated home like a two story or split level with the bedrooms away from the main living area.
  • Maybe you prefer your master suite on the main with the bedrooms on a separate level allowing for more accessibility when stairs may become an issue in the future.

Everyone has their own preferred style when it comes to their homes, but how do you decide on the style of home that is right for you and your family.

  • Do you prefer a more open concept layout?
  • Someting more traditional with more defined room separations?
  • How will your current furniture lay it out in your home or if you'll be buying new furniture?
  • What are your design tastes and how will you plan to decorate and coordinate the different areas?

When it comes to the layout of you home you will want to consider the functionality of your home. Where will you be entering your house the most, from the garage or main entrance? If you will be entering from your garage the most, you will probably want your kitchen in close proximity to the garage allowing for easy access to put groceries away. Laundry is another thing to consider do you want the machines close to where you have the most laundry with the bedrooms or where you can access it more efficiently near the kitchen with a laundry chute.

Also when picking the style of home that is right, you will want to consider the other styles of homes that are built or being built around you. Is the neighborhood mostly two story family homes or are they all cabins lining a lake? You will want to choose a house to fit your needs and likes but also fits in with the other homes around you.

At the end of the day, you need to build a home or cottage that works for your life. Browse our plans, find something close to what you envision and have our inhouse design team draw your perfect home!

Deciding Which House Design is Right For You | Winton Homes


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