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Winton Homes Prefabricated Building Process in 6 Stages

Winton Homes in Prince George specializes in building prefabricated homes BC residents love. Our factory-built homes and cottages can be delivered anywhere across Western Canada.

With over 30+ years in business, our team has refined the process down to 6 essential stages.

Hey, we like to keep things simple.  

Step 1: Consultation (Research & Planning) 

The idea of building a new home or cottage from scratch may seem overwhelming. That’s why we consider your initial consultation to be one of the most important parts of our job! We’re here to walk you through the process.

What we want to know from you:

  • Your approximate budget for the project
  • What the lot is like and where it is located
  • The type of home or cottage you envision
  • Your ideal timeline for construction and completion 

What we will provide during our first consultation:

  • A rough budget of the costs involved
  • A presentation of possible floor plans
  • The next steps and future requirements
  • Guidance on foundation types
  • Info on how to prepare your lot
  • Tips on building a relationship with your local building authority

We want you to feel excited about your options. And yes, your first consultation is always FREE OF CHARGE.  

Step 2: Design & Customize 

First off, we practice open and honest communication. Big projects demand clearly defined, transparent processes.

A $5,000 design deposit and design agreement are required if you want a custom-designed property. Keep in mind that this is not a fixed fee. Any unused funds will be credited towards future deposits.  

Of course, if you’re happy with one of our existing plans, this is one way you’ll be able to reduce your designing expenses.   

Managing a construction budget can be stressful. Winton Homes provides you and your financial institution with all the information needed for accurate forecasting of the costs involved in getting your home to the lock up stage. 

Choosing a floor plan along with the exterior finishes and materials you wish to use is always fun. Stage 2 collaboration is always exciting for clients and staff alike.  

Step 3: Purchase & Building Preparation 

One benefit about working with Winton Homes is that you have access to our entire team throughout the process. This ranges from our sales and design team to your project coordinator, and they are always a phone call away should you have any questions. 

When it comes to permit approval, the time it takes to authorize your plans will depend on the location of your property. Our team has the experience to expedite the process in the quickest possible manner.   

Please note that a $10,000 deposit will be required to release the permit-ready blueprints. This is not an additional charge; the amount will be credited towards the final build price. Be advised that this amount is non-refundable should you choose not to proceed with the project.  

At this point, you’ll require a local team (or teams) to excavate and prepare the property before Winton Homes can make our delivery. Some of the requirements include:

  • Ensuring there is driveway access
  • Laying down the chosen foundation
  • Handling the installation of utilities
  • Booking a team to unload the materials and complete the build 

Don’t worry; your project coordinator will talk you through the necessary steps to make sure all your bases are covered. 

Step 4: Delivery & Construction 

Talk about building up the anticipation!

You just can’t beat the feeling of watching a delivery trailer full of premium quality lumber pull up on your property. 

Winton Homes delivers everything your local contractor will need to construct the bones of your new prefab home or cottage. You get the wall panels, roof and floor trusses, windows, roofing, doors, siding, and exterior trim.  

Before construction can begin, you’ll be responsible for paying a production deposit to cover the construction materials and shipping fees. A production deposit equaling 65% of the build’s package value is required.  

Should there be any problems with the design or materials supplied, Winton Homes guarantees an immediate fix.

Upon contract acceptance, we’ll ship out the components for your new home no later than 12 weeks after payment of the deposit (or our first available shipping date). Our price guarantee begins the moment the production deposit is paid.

Our prefabricated homes are engineered to go up fast and cut down on excess waste. In other words, our prefab homes save you additional time and labour expense.

Of course, construction work can be unpredictable.

Rest assured, when you partner with Winton Homes, you’ll always have a designated Project Coordinator standing by ready to troubleshoot any possible issues on your behalf.

Step 5: Locked Up & Weather Tight 

Congratulations on the completed construction of your new home or factory-built cottage!

It may not be move-in-ready quite yet; however, you will have an assembled structure that will protect you from the elements. Everything is ready for the interior work to begin.

Whether you choose to hire local contractors to finish the interior, or you wish to save money by doing it yourself, you’re now able to personalize your dwelling as you see fit.

Thanks to Winton Homes’ reliable budgeting and guaranteed pricing, you should have the remainder of your original budget intact to carry out the rest of your plans.

Step 6: Move in and Celebrate 

Usually, moves can feel like a chore. But when you’re moving into a brand-new property from Winton Homes, you’ll probably be so pumped up you’ll want to invite your friends and family over right away to share the experience.

Let us know how everything went. Please send us pictures and send us your feedback to marketing@wintonhomes.ca. If you recommend Winton Homes to a friend or family member who ends up using our prefab services, we’ll give you $500 as a thank-you.   

Are you considering the benefits of owning a factory-built home? Do you want to know more about Winton Homes prices? Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions. 

Winton Homes Prefabricated Building Process in 6 Stages | Winton Homes


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