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Top Ten Benefits for Contractors Using Winton Homes During Labour Shortages

As a home building contractor, you're only as good as your reputation within the community you serve. 

Your customers aren't interested in hearing excuses why their home construction is delayed. All they want to know is when they can pack up their stuff and move into their brand-new house or cottage.

Winton Homes in Prince George, BC, teams up with contractors across Western Canada to expedite people's homebuilding plans with precision and proficiency.

Determining the Cost of Your New Prefab Home

Buying a home is an exciting moment in anyone’s life. And purchasing one that is brand new makes the experience even more special.

No overdue repairs. No funny smells. No nasty surprises the housing inspector may have missed.

Despite what many people believe, buying a brand-new home isn’t just a luxury reserved for the rich.

Thanks to prebuilt package homes from Winton Homes in Prince George, BC, people looking for a good deal or a more affordable homebuying option have another choice.

Having Trouble Finding Construction Labour? Winton Homes is Your Solution

It’s not easy running a construction business these days, especially when you find yourself short on skilled workers at the job site.

Apprentice registrations are on the decline, and experienced workers are retiring. However, the demand for new home construction continues to rise.  

If you’ve traditionally worked on stick-built homes, it might be worth considering partnering with a company that can save you time and expense on your next project. 

Manufacturing for High-Performance Building Assemblies

Winton Homes, in partnership with Design Smart Construction, received funding from the CleanBC Building Innovation Fund in 2020. This funding, established by the Province of B.C., provides funding for projects that accelerate the availability and affordability of low-carbon building solutions including advanced building components, designs, and new construction methods.

Top 10 Reasons Why Winter Building Works

There are many things to consider when venturing on the path to building your own custom home. Have you ever considered what the benefits could be if you chose to build in the winter? Not many people do. Building doesn't have to happen in the Spring or Summer months, in fact, there are many benefits that can really pay off.

The Benefits of Winter Building

  1. Easier to find builders and tradespeople in the off-season.

  2. Builders and tradespeople are better able to give you their full attention during the winter months.

Winton Homes Prefabricated Building Process in 6 Stages

Winton Homes in Prince George specializes in building prefabricated homes BC residents love. Our factory-built homes and cottages can be delivered anywhere across Western Canada.

With over 30+ years in business, our team has refined the process down to 6 essential stages.

Hey, we like to keep things simple.  

Reasons to Build in the "Off-Season"

If you’re ready to build and winter is around the corner, there is no cause to panic. Winter building can be done safely and realistically, and your project doesn’t have to be put on hold. As long your site is prepped, and the foundation is in place before freezing, your home can be constructed during the winter months and ready for your finishing touches and landscaping in the spring or summer.

Why Buy Used When You Can Build New

Why would you want to build a home right now? It’s true, choosing to buy a used home may seem more economical at the time, but there’s a lot of buyers out there right now driving market value higher than ever. Even with the tougher mortgage stress test coming into play June 1, 2021, it’s predicted that it won’t cool runaway home prices.

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