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Northern BC Passive Home built by Northern Homecraft Ltd.

"Even our contractor said if he decides to build himself another house, he’d look at buying a pre-fab package. He’s very impressed with the materials included and the thought that went into the planning." - Tim Dubreuil, Flin Flon, MB

Winton is your partner in building to a higher standard. As part of the professional team that evaluates for condensation in thick walls and selecting appropriate windows and doors, Winton can help you navigate each milestone.

It’s important to think of buildings and homes like a system, each piece of the puzzle contributes to the picture of the entire building. Even the form factor, or shape and footprint of the building can contribute to improved performance and energy conservation.

The Winton Flex-Wall

The Winton Flex-Wall is a practical solution when looking to meet different R-values since the distance between walls is flexible. The basic strategy is simple and uses common materials and familiar assemblies.

An exterior wall is built from two parallel stud walls. Both stud walls and the space between them are filled with dense pack insulation. The exterior is sheathed and finished conventionally with a weather resistive barrier (WRB) and rain-screen.

Winton Flex-Wall diagram and cross section

Examples of Possible R-value Ranges

Based on modeling done by your Energy Advisor (EA) the Winton Flex-Wall will give you the flexibility for exact required measures to achieve a particular       R-value.

R28 effective flex-wall gap R35 effective flex-wall gap R47 effective flex-wall gap

Why Choose the Winton Flex-Wall


The Winton Flex-Wall offers maximum comfort and flexibility to achieve higher R-values. Your home will use less energy and easily regulate the temperature throughout the home keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Thermal/Acoustic Break

Heat, cold and noise transmissions are dramatically reduced with a double wall configuration and thermal break. Combining the efforts of thermal efficiency and achieving airtightness you will enjoy a much quieter home.

Precision Manufacturing

All of Winton’s products are manufactured with exacting quality standards and premium lumber products in our environmentally controlled shops. This produces a quality product that stands the test of time.

Panelized Construction

The Winton Flex-Wall is a quick construction solution when perusing energy efficient homebuilding options and can reach a weather-tight lock-up in days or a few short weeks (depending on the size of your home). Your project generates less waste, your investment is protected from the weather and contractors spend less time on site which reduces labour costs.

Built with Wood

Wood is a natural, renewable, and sustainable material for building, with a lighter carbon footprint than steel or concrete. As a Sinclar Group Forest Products company, Winton is part of a responsible forestry management network where reforestation, harvesting, milling and environmental stewardship is at the centre of the products we use.

Other Energy Efficient Options We Provide

  • Energy Heel Trusses - Higher heel that allows for more insulation in the roof.
  • Triple Glazed Windows - Three panes of glass cut down on heat glare in the summer and drafts in the winter.
  • Strategic Design - The home and window positions are designed to maximize areas of sun and shade.