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Determining the Cost of Your New Prefab Home

Buying a home is an exciting moment in anyone’s life. And purchasing one that is brand new makes the experience even more special.

No overdue repairs. No funny smells. No nasty surprises the housing inspector may have missed.

Despite what many people believe, buying a brand-new home isn’t just a luxury reserved for the rich.

Thanks to prebuilt package homes from Winton Homes in Prince George, BC, people looking for a good deal or a more affordable homebuying option have another choice.

Why settle for a rundown “fixer-upper” when you can have your own brand-new house or cottage!

Winton prefab homes typically save the homebuyer a minimum of 10% – 15% off the purchase price. That's a significant value when you’re talking about Canadian housing prices!

Even though you’ve decided to purchase a prebuilt home for a set price, you’ll still need to budget accordingly.

There are several variables you will need to consider.

The Cost of Land

The location of your property is a major expense when looking to build. Although Winton Homes delivers prebuilt home components across Western Canada, land prices vary drastically from region to region, sometimes even within the same community.

And when you’re purchasing a lot, you’re not just paying for land. You’ll require the services of various trained professionals for added peace of mind. These are typically the least of your out-of-pocket expenses.

A good real estate agent can help you find the most suitable property for your needs and budget. A land surveyor will help you understand what you’re getting for your money.

You’ll also need to hire a lawyer to take care of all the legalities involved. 

Finding a serviced lot with access to a paved street, water, sewer, electricity, gas, etc., will simplify the workload and save you money down the line as most of the basic site costs are already handled.

Construction means permits. Often these fees are minimal, but it all depends on the scope of the proposed work and your location. You'll also want to comply with all zoning laws. 

Winton Homes is well versed in home and cottage installation. If you're not sure what's involved, we can advise!

Clearing the Property

Before you start imagining the view from your future bay window, you must consider the situational site work involved. Trees and boulders may be picturesque on your property, but they could end up padding your excavation bill if they need to be removed.

If you're considering buying land with a teardown, you'll want to learn more about the costs involved in demolishing it. Depending on your location, the potential bill for this service could be substantial.

Choosing a Foundation

The cost of your home will increase based on what’s underneath.

A concrete slab on grade is your most economical option. A crawl space would be the next price point up.

Opting for a new basement foundation will be your most expensive choice.

The size of your new home will be a factor in terms of its pricing. 

Selecting a Home Design

Not only will physical size affect your bottom line, but so will the style of home you choose.

If you’re considering a housing package from Winton Homes, we are happy to make suggestions based on your requirements. Choosing an existing plan is always going to be your most economical option.

Not everyone wants to work with an existing plan. And that’s okay! Winton Homes can modify any of our designs upon request. But any significant changes will affect the pricing.

Bring us your vision of a dream home. Winton Homes’ in-house design team is happy to accommodate all custom requests.

Keep in mind that building up is more cost-effective than building out. A square or rectangular shape keeps things more affordable than a home with added extensions or unusual foundation shapes.

What’s nice about purchasing prefab homes is that you know exactly what you’re getting with us. Everything we ship out, from our energy-efficient windows to our premium lumber, is top quality.

At Winton Homes, we offer a range of inspiring home plans to meet your budget. Having an idea of how many rooms you want is the obvious starting point. We can talk you through all the other options you have. 

Home Assembly/Framing/Construction

Because Winton Homes is so experienced in prefab construction, we make assembling the framing components incredibly easy. Our prefab designs contribute to your overall savings.

Less crew. Fewer days. This is the prefab home advantage.

Your build location and the time of year you wish to start will also influence your budget. Spring and summer are popular times for most people.

Our suggestion? Book your home build in the fall. Builds from Winton Homes go up fast. Once complete, your new home is in lock-up condition to withstand the harshest Canadian elements.

Booking off-season outdoor work will increase the likelihood of local crew availability. You also stand a better chance of getting a deal on labour. Prefabricated houses and cottages afford you this opportunity when compared to more labour-intensive stick-built structures.

Of course, any expertise or hands-on labour you bring to the table will lower your costs. Do you know anyone handy? From the assembly to the interior work, your active involvement in securing the right contractors/help will reduce the amount of your spending.

Speaking of Interiors

Just think, the more you save during the build process, the more fun money you’ll have to spend indoors on appliances, flooring, etc.

Kitchens and bathrooms can be notoriously expensive if you want everything to be high-end.

Again, there are opportunities to save. Don’t wait for your home to be assembled. Start browsing ahead of time to secure the best deals. Get familiar with prices, and shop around. This is the fun part.

And remember, just because that modern kitchen you saw on TV featured a professional cooking range, that doesn’t mean you need to have the same top-of-the-line brand/model to make your mac and cheese.

Focus on your priorities and “must-haves” and work your way down the list.

Do you have any questions? When it comes to prefabricated dream homes, you know who to call!

Determining the Cost of Your New Prefab Home | Winton Homes


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