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Manufacturing for High-Performance Building Assemblies

Winton Homes, in partnership with Design Smart Construction, received funding from the CleanBC Building Innovation Fund in 2020. This funding, established by the Province of B.C., provides funding for projects that accelerate the availability and affordability of low-carbon building solutions including advanced building components, designs, and new construction methods.

This demonstration module is the outcome of modeling and engineering high-performance prefabricated panels capable of meeting Passive House insulation and airtightness specifications as well as meeting the BC Energy Step Code net-zero energy ready (Step 5) performance targets for buildings constructed in the Northern B.C. Climate Zone.

CleanBC demo module

Assembling the CleanBC demo module Manufacturing the CleanBC demo module

By understanding how to meet the highest levels of energy performance, Winton is now able to assist commercial and residential customers in constructing assemblies to help their projects meet the intermediate steps of the BC Energy Step Code.

We've launched the WINTON PROLINE series to assist home builders in achieving energy efficient homes, cottages and commercial projects.

As a regional forest products supplier, Sinclar Group Forest Products and Winton Homes believe that the lower embodied carbon and ecological footprint of wood-based construction components can help the Province of B.C. meet its overall greenhouse gas reduction targets. Increasing demand for innovative solutions manufactured in the North strengthens regional economies and communities involved in the foresty sector.

Project Wrap-up Video

Learn more about the CleanBC project, materials used, challenges we faced and how everything came together. 

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The BC Energy Step Code

While many municipalities are at different stages of implementing the BC Energy Step Code, it's inevitable that this energy efficiency performance standard will be adopted across the province. It's designed to help the province meet its goal that all new British Columbia buildings must be net-zero energy ready by 2032.

BC Energy Step Code Timeline

A net-zero energy-ready building is one that has been designed and built to a level of performance that it could, with the addition of solar panels and other renewable energy technologies, meet its energy needs entirely on-site.

A building such as a passive house is one that has been designed and modelled to reduce energy demand enough to meet the rigorous certification of the International Passive House Standard. This type of building would easily reach the top step, Step 5, of the BC Energy Step Code.

Winton is working to provide affordable, low-carbon prefabricated homes that meet these new requirements.

Learn more about the BC Energy Step Code.

Buildings constructed to meet higher performance standards require a greater understanding of building science and attention to construction detailing. In order to achieve airtightness and reduce overall heating demand and energy use, building constructed to meet higher performance standards require:

  • increased insulation.

  • improved components such as windows, doors and HVAC.

  • greater attention to construction detailing around windows and doors.

  • a greater understanding of building science.

Our Project Partners

All the CleanBC project partners, vendors and suppliers.

This demonstration building looks small, but the partners involved are heavyweights!

The walls were prefabricated here at Winton, with the assistance of Design Smart Construction, where we sourced top-quality materials and components from suppliers across B.C. and Canada.

For example, the window and door package was supplied by Innotech, based out of Langley B.C., which offers a variety of high-quality products that achieve energy efficiency and performance standards. Sonoclimat wood fibre board was sourced from MSL in Quebec, and tapes and membranes from both 475 Building Supplies and Rothoblaas. A local crane operator helped erect the wall panels and local contractors finished the building exterior with Trex and Allura siding on the energy-efficient, Step 5 demo module.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation.

Manufacturing for High-Performance Building Assemblies | Winton Homes


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