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What the Heck is an "ADU" and What it Could Mean For You

An ADU is short for Accessory Dwelling Unit. It’s a separate, secondary dwelling that shares a single-family residential lot with the owner’s primary home. People often build an ADU on their property as lodging for an aging relative or temporary homes for those adult children that aren’t quite ready to fly the coop and enter the housing market.

ADUs are the perfect setup for people who desire their own space yet benefit from being near their family.

Whether you’re hosting relatives, seeking a new source of income, or just want your own private meditation space, art studio, or office, ADUs are gaining more popularity across Canada.

They're an affordable housing solution that meets a variety of needs and municipalities everywhere are jumping on board, increasingly more open to providing permits for this type of structure.

ADUs are becoming a viable living situation for more and more Canadians. With an aging population and home prices seemingly out of reach for many, ADUs make a lot of economic sense for homeowners and renters alike.

Each municipality will have its own requirements for permitting and with that in mind Winton endeavoured to develop a line of ADUs suited to a variety of scenarios. If you’re looking to construct an affordable new ADU in the shortest amount of time, you need to consider a prefab build package from Winton Homes!

Here’s a sneak peek of one of Winton’s hot off the presses ADU-specific line of homes.

Sketch of interior and exterior views of Accessory Dwelling Units

Pretty sweet hey!? If you’re looking to add to your existing property hit this link and let’s talk about your plans. Be sure to add that you’re interested in an ADU in the message field of the form as this hasn’t been added to our plan selection yet.

What the Heck is an "ADU" and What it Could Mean For You | Winton Homes


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