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Reasons to Build in the "Off-Season"

If you’re ready to build and winter is around the corner, there is no cause to panic. Winter building can be done safely and realistically, and your project doesn’t have to be put on hold. As long your site is prepped, and the foundation is in place before freezing, your home can be constructed during the winter months and ready for your finishing touches and landscaping in the spring or summer.

When picturing building a home during the winter, it can be hard to imagine the benefits. Understandably, no one wants to work outside during frigid temperatures, but building in the winter can save both time and money. With Winton’s prefabricated home packages builders spend less time outside and snow is no cause for alarm, it’s easy to work around and in most cases, it just brushes off.

It’s often thought that building during the warmer months is the best time of year to start. This is not necessarily true. Builders and tradespeople are busiest during the summer months which can lead to longer build times or delays for you. It’s also easier for builders and tradespeople to give you their full attention during the winter months.

Historically, as the winter months are slower for builders, many builders and tradespeople are open to offering discounts on services during the winter season – this includes Winton Homes & Cottages! Add these savings to more efficient build timelines and you’re in a great position to save on costs.

The weather doesn’t have to be a deterrent to when you start to build. Winton Homes will provide dunnage, building wrap, and storage advice if you end up needing to store your home package over the winter instead.

If you’re looking to take advantage of these extra cost savings, call us or send us an inquiry through our contact us page. Let’s talk about your plans!

Reasons to Build in the "Off-Season" | Winton Homes


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